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Lummus Corporation was formed on March 23, 1993, from an asset purchase of certain assets of Lummus Industries, Inc., under the approval of the United States Bankruptcy Court. Those assets included the drawings for manufacturing fiber processing machinery. Lummus Corporation has successfully utilized these designs, as well as the expertise of many employees experienced in the gin and textile machinery fields, to produce the advanced machines and systems needed by its customers. Since Lummus Corporation is not the successor company to Lummus Industries, Inc., we assume no responsibility for machinery manufactured by Lummus Industries, Inc. or others.

We want to emphasize that most processing machinery or industrial equipment of any manufacture is potentially hazardous unless strict safety measures are followed. Machinery may be lacking proper guards and other safety features, particularly the older equipment. All safety features supplied with the equipment must be kept fully operational. Proper procedures must be followed in operating, cleaning, and maintaining a machine. Before any cleaning or maintenance is performed, all power must be turned off and locked out, and all motion must be stopped.

A list of safety upgrades for equipment can be found in the Lummus publications Safety Information for Lummus Gin Machinery (Manual LCGS-2) and Safety Information for Lummus Textile/Man-Made Fiber Machinery (Manual LCTS-2). Also included in these manuals are OSHA regulations that relate to our industries, along with descriptions, placement instructions and order forms for our safety decals. As part of our ongoing commitment to customer and product safety and to our industries in general, either manual is available free of charge to any machinery users who request it. If you have safety questions about a particular machine (please include a Product Identification or Serial Number, if possible) or to obtain a copy of either Safety Information for Lummus Gin Machinery or Safety Information for Lummus Textile/Man-Made Fiber Machinery, please submit your request to:

Product Safety Director
Lummus Corporation
P.O. Box 929
Pooler, GA 31322-0929 USA
Phone: 912-447-9000
Toll Free (USA Only): 800-4LUMMUS (800-458-6687)

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