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Stationary Head Module Feeder Disperser

Unloading System

The Unloading System is the means by which the incoming seed cotton is introduced into the gin plant.  Whether the seed cotton is transported to the gin in sacks, trailers, trucks, or in modules (either conventional loaf-type or the newer round-type), Lummus offers a variety of equipment that can be configured to accommodate any or all of these means of arrival at a broad range of capacities. 

The Process

When seed cotton is transported to the gin plant in sacks, trailers, or trucks, Telescopes, use air suction to unload the seed cotton, convey it into an Unloading Separator, which separates the seed cotton from the conveying air stream.  


For gin plants that process seed cotton modules (whether conventional loaf-type or the newer round-type), either a traveling-head or stationary-head Module Feeder is furnished.  The Module Feeder uses high-speed spiked cylinders to pluck the locks of seed cotton from the compacted module, blending the seed cotton across the entire face of the module.    

The Automatic Suction Control (or Storage Hopper) is the next machine in the system.  This machine provides for a smooth flow of well-opened seed cotton into the first-stage drying system through the use of two variable-speed Feed Rollers and a Disperser Cylinder feeding a Vacuum Wheel (or rotary air lock).  Lummus offers the Posi-Flo™ Storage Hopper in both 96” and 120” widths.  When unloading via airstream (either through telescopes or from a belt-type seed cotton pick-up on the Module Feeder), the Posi-Flo™ is mounted underneath an Unloading Separator in a complete above-ground machinery stack.  In many Module Feeder applications, though, the Posi-Flo™ is installed underneath the Module Feeder disperser head in a pit.  For low-to-medium capacity gin plants, a single Posi-Flo™ is furnished, and for higher capacity installations, Lummus also manufactures a Double Posi-Flo™ unit (in 120” width) that features two complete sets of Feed Rollers/Disperser Cylinders. 

Unloading System with Telescope and Module Feeder
Unloading System with Telescope

Available Options

  • Telescopes 

  • Separator (96” and 120” wide for Unloading Systems; 72 wide for Overflow Systems) 

  • Vacuum Wheel, 34” diameter (72”, 96”, 120”, and 144” widths available in both 22½” and 34” diameters) 

  • Stationary Head Module Feeder 

  • Posi-Flo™ Automatic Suction Control, 120” wide (free-standing 96” and 120” wide versions available for mounting at floor level) 

  • Double Posi-Flo™ Automatic Suction Control, 120” wide 

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