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Distribution, Feeding & Ginning

Regardless of throughput capacity, Lummus offers Distribution and Overflow Systems that effectively convey the seed cotton and distribute it to the Feeding and Ginning equipment, while circulating the excess seed cotton through a continuous Overflow System that allows for  consistent production at a steady feeding rate. 

The heart of the Lummus Gentle Ginning System is the Feeding and Ginning equipment.  Whether processing Upland (fuzzy seed) cotton or Extra-Long Staple (ELS) or Pima cotton, Lummus Feeding and Ginning equipment is second to none.  All Lummus Feeding and Ginning systems provide proven performance and reliability, all while preserving fiber quality. 

The Process

The Conveyor Distributor is a screw-type conveyor, mounted in a specially-designed trough, which receives the seed cotton from the precleaning machinery mounted above it and conveys it, distributing it into hoppers mounted above the extractor feeders.  Lummus Conveyor Distributors typically feature a 16” diameter screw conveyor, but for ultra high-capacity gin plants, Lummus also offers a 24” diameter screw option.  Any excess seed cotton that carries past the feeder hoppers is collected in an Automatic Overflow Hopper, which feeds it into an air stream that returns the cotton to an Overflow Separator.  The Overflow Separator is mounted so as to re-introduce the seed cotton to the Conveyor Distributor, thus completing the live overflow cycle. 


We now reach the heart of the gin plant, whether it processes Upland or ELS cotton.  For Upland cotton, a gin plant will be furnished with from one to as many as six extractor feeder/saw-type gin stand machinery stacks.  Lummus currently offers saw gins based on both the Lummus and Consolidated interior arrangements.  Current Lummus-based saw gins are covered in the Imperial™ III line, available in either 170-Saw (96” wide), 203-Saw (96” wide), or 116-Saw (66” wide) models.  Consolidated-based Lummus saw gins are the 194-Saw (96” wide) and the 234-Saw (120” wide).  All new Lummus saw gins are fed by the industry-leading Model 700™ III Feeder (available in 66”, 96”, and 120” widths).  The 700 III Feeder is the final precleaner in the gin plant, and it also serves to single-lock the seed cotton, which facilitates efficient, high-capacity ginning.  Lummus saw gins offer superior capacity for their respective footprints, while preserving fiber quality at the same time.  As an example, a single 170-Saw Imperial™ III gin stand can cruise at fifteen (15) bales per hour, and there are many that process up to eighteen (18) bales per hour (or higher) under ideal conditions.  Thus, a 4/170 gin plant can produce in excess of sixty (60) bales per hour, and there are numerous facilities around the world that demonstrate this type of performance on a regular basis. 

For ELS cotton, Lummus offers the exclusive high-speed Rota-Matic™ Roller Gin and Feeder in lieu of saw-type gin stands.  The Rota-Matic™ has an effective width of 40” and a rated capacity of from 3.5 to as much as 5 bales per hour per stand.  Hence, a roller ginning plant can typically feature from as few as four (4) roller gins and feeders to as many as ten (10) in a single line. 

Typical Feeding & Ginning for ELS Cotton
Typical Feeding & Ginning for Upland Cotton

Available Options

  • Conveyor Distributor (16” and 24” diameters available) 

  • Automatic Overflow Hopper (96” and 120” widths available) 

  • Model 700™ III Feeder (Upland cotton) (66”, 96”, and 120” widths available) 

  • Centurion™ 700 Feeder (Upland cotton) (120” and144” widths available) 

  • Imperial III™ Saw Gin (Upland cotton) (116-Saw, 170-Saw, and 203-saw models available) 

  • Centurion™ Series Saw Gin (Upland cotton) (144” wide model available in 246-Saw or 294-saw configurations) 

  • 194-Saw and 234-Saw Gin (Upland cotton) 

  • Rota-Matic™ High-Speed Roller Gin and Feeder (ELS cotton) 

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