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Condensing & Moisture Restoration

The Condensing & Moisture Restoration System takes the cleaned lint and forms it into a blanket-like layer (or batt) that can be efficiently fed into the baling press for final packaging.  Lummus offers a Battery Condenser that either can restore moisture within the condenser itself (the Lummus MC™ Condenser) or outside the condenser (Standard Battery Condenser).   


Lummus ancillary equipment for the system (the Mist-A-Matic™ Moisture Unit, 1 MBTU Burner/Blower, and HF-136 Stainless Steel Moist Air Fan) complete the line-up for a fully integrated system of fiber conditioning that can uniformly add moisture to the lint cotton, while compressing the lint batt, making it easier to compress.  This, in turn, reduces the final compression forces in the baling press and lowers energy costs. 

The Process

The cleaned lint now travels via the Lint Flue to the battery condenser, which forms it into a blanket-like layer or batt.  Lummus currently offers two styles of battery condensers:  the Standard Battery Condenser (available in 40”, 60”, and 80” diameters) and the Moisture Conditioning (MC™) Battery Condenser (available in 60”, 72”, and 80” diameters).   


The Standard Battery Condenser features a revolving perforated drum that is doffed by a simple, three-roller doffing assembly.  The MC™ Battery Condenser is an exclusive Lummus product that allows for moisture restoration to the lint within the condenser itself, and its doffing assembly then serves to compress the moistened batt, thoroughly infusing the moisture throughout the fibers.   


This makes the MC™ Condenser a very popular product for medium to high-capacity gin plants.  If moisture is to be added to the lint batt from a Standard Battery Condenser, it is usually accomplished either through an array of spray nozzles mounted above the lint slide, or by the use of moist air induction through a set of louvers mounted in the bottom of the lint slide.  Regardless of the method of application, moisture restoration within the lint greatly enhances its compressibility within the baling press, reducing the forces required to compress the bale, and, thus, lowering energy costs.   

Available Options

  • Moisture Conditioning (MC™) Condenser with Hot Air Jacket Lint Slide (60”, 72”, and 80” diameter models available with either 41” wide or 54” wide drum perforations) 

  • Standard Battery Condenser with Diffuser Grid-Type Moisture Restoration Lint Slide (60” and 80” diameter condensers available with either 41” or 54” wide drum perforations) 

  • Mist-A-Matic™ Gas-Fired Moisture Unit 

  • HF-136 Stainless Steel Moist Air Fan 

  • 1 MBTU Gas-Fired Burner with Blower 

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