Our Customers

Lummus products have proven themselves over the years from Australia to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between. Our clients range from cotton farmers in remote Mato Grosso, Brazil, to the largest synthetic fiber-producing corporations in the world. just a short list of our customers includes:

Cotton Ginning Customers

Adams Land Co. (Arkansas, USA)
Algodoeira Mato Grosso Brasil Ltda. (Brazil)
Anderson Clayton Corporation (Arizona/California, USA)
Associated Cotton Growers (Texas, USA)
Brighann Gin (Australia)
C.M.D.T. (Mali)
Cotton Company of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe)
DAGRIS (France)
Dalton Cotton Co. (Missouri, USA)
Dunavant Ginning Pty. Ltd. (Australia)
Empresas Longoria S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)
Farmers Union Gin (Missouri, USA)
Fazenda Maraba S.A. (Brazil)
Fazenda Paiaguas S.A. (Brazil)
J.G. Boswell Co. (California, USA)
Jones County Cotton Gin (North Carolina, USA)
Karagiorgos Brothers (Greece)
Modern Ginning Co. (California, USA)
North Gin Ltd. (Texas, USA)
Northwest Cotton Growers Coop, Inc. (Kansas, USA)
Northwest Ginning Pty. Ltd. (Australia)
Parmer County Cotton Growers (Texas, USA)
Queensland Cotton (Australia)
Selected Textiles (Greece)
Silver Creek Gin (Mississippi, USA)
Sodecoton (Cameroon)
Sofitex (Burkina Faso)
Sonopra (Benin)
Sotoco (Togo)
Southeastern Gin, Inc. (Georgia, USA)
Southern Cotton (Australia)
Southern States Gin (Georgia, USA)
United Cotton Growers (Texas, USA)
Westside Farmers Coop (California, USA)

Cottonseed Oil Mill Customers

Mid-Georgia Processors (Georgia, USA)
Planters Cotton Oil (Arkansas, USA)
PYCO (Texas, USA)

Recycling Customers

Barnet & Company (South Carolina, USA)
Leigh Fibers, Inc. (South Carolina, USA)
U.S. Axminster (Mississippi, USA)

Man Made Fiber Customers

BP Amoco (South Carolina, USA)
Beaulieux of America (Tennessee, USA)
Celanese Acetate (North Carolina, USA)
Certainteed (Georgia, USA)
E.I. DuPont de Nemours (Delaware, USA)
Fiber Vision (Georgia, USA)
Honeywell, Inc. (New Jersey, USA)
Intercontinental Polymers, Inc. (Tennessee, USA)
KoSa (North Carolina, USA)
Mohawk Industries (Georgia, USA)
Pharr Yarns (North Carolina, USA)
Rhodia (Brazil)
SI Industries (Georgia, USA)
Shaw Industries (Georgia, USA)
Solutia (Missouri, USA)
Wellman, Inc. (New Jersey, USA)