Man Made Fibers

Tow Cutters and Tension Stands

A. Powered Tension Stand
This Item no longer available
B. Tow Cutter
This item no longer available

Fans and Condensers

C. Fiber Fan

D. Filter Chamber

E. Air Exhaust Fan

F. Square Back Elbow

G. Condenser











Balers and Bale Dollies

H. Tramper

I. Fiber Feeder Fan

J. Bale Handling

K. Fiber Slide

L. Fiber Feeder

M. Baler

N. Bale Dolly

O. Pump Unit

Fiber and Exhaust Fan

Air Filter
Stationary Screen Condenser
Rotary Valve Condenser

Pneumatic Fiber Feeder

Auto-Pak Baler

Single Box Tow Baler

Bale Handling Systems (click for details)