Lummus Product Lines

Lummus purchased the business of Belt-Wide Industries, Inc. in November, 2002. Beltwide was founded in 1985, primarily to serve the cotton ginning industry with a quality line of spare parts, offering “service second to none.” Since its beginnings, it grew to be a major player in this market, while at the same time adding a number of ginning machinery products to its parts business. The Belt-Wide line includes; as a part of its machinery line, both traveling head and stationary head Module Feeders, Gas and Oil-Fired Burners and Moisture Restoration Units, Pre-cleaning Machinery, Extractor Feeders, and a variety of product upgrades, including Hydraulic Trampers and Hydraulic Pumping Units for presses.

Over 150 years ago, Carver, Inc. began to design and manufacture custom, high-quality, long-lasting process machinery and systems for the cotton ginning and cottonseed processing industries. Our products helped processors around the world clean, size, separate and recover a variety of products. A century and a half after we started, Carver remains the world’s premier manufacturer of high efficiency, modern preparation machinery for cottonseed, sunflower seed, peanuts, and other oilseeds.As the years passed, the same factors that made our machines the most trusted in the cotton industry attracted processors in other industries as well. From consumer and food products to agriculture, plastics and more, our customers rely on our years of experience to help them design, manufacture and commission effective processes that meet their individual needs.

Gump was first established as Gump in 1875. Today, Gump, a division of Carver, Inc., continues to manufacture a complete line of high quality, efficient screening and separating equipment for a wide range of industries and applications. Located in Savannah, Georgia, Gump designs and manufactures several types of screeners and separators, including vibratory screeners, rotary atmospheric screeners and pneumatic in-line screeners. Pneumatic in-line screeners, also known as pressure sifters, were invented by Gump in 1972 with the patented air bypass system. Gump is still the leader in this technology today.By combining an experienced engineering department, a fully equipped testing facility, and quality manufacturing capability, Gump will provide the best possible solution to your screening and separating needs, including design and supply of complete systems.

Gump is a division of Carver, Inc., the leading supplier of equipment to the world oilseed industry for more than 175 years, offering a full range of preparation equipment, engineering, start-up and maintenance services.