Sutton Named President of Lummus

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Lummus Corporation, a leading solution and equipment supplier to the cotton ginning, oilseed processing, and affiliated industries, appointed Russell Sutton as President. Sutton brings to his new role over four decades of industry experience in all functional areas of cotton ginning machinery company operations, including sales, service, engineering, and manufacturing.

In his internal announcement to employees, Ben Hinnen, CEO of the parent company, Lummus Corporation, stated, “Over the past few months, as we developed the organizational strategy for the family of companies (Lummus, System Solutions of Kentucky, and Carter Controls), it became obvious to me that Russell Sutton was the best person to lead our cotton ginning and affiliated business. His industry knowledge and appreciation for what we’ve done, combined with his progressive view for our future, will position him to be a strong agent for change, as we seek to make Lummus the very best it can be.”

Lummus Corporation Acquires Carter Control Systems To Further Expand Intralogistics Marketshare

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Lummus Corporation, the parent company of System Solutions of Kentucky (SSK) and Lummus, leading solution and equipment suppliers to the intralogistics and cotton gin industries, has acquired Carter Control Systems (CCS), a tier-one provider of automated material handling to the US Postal Service as well as an integrator to parcel and e-commerce customers.

Lummus is strategically expanding into new industrial markets to drive digital transformation through automation. The company’s Louisville-based intralogistics business, SSK, is an equipment provider as well as a turnkey project integrator with project scale capacity of up to 100 million dollars.

Duane Glass, President of Carter Control Systems, elaborates further on this announcement stating: “Since being founded 40 years ago, CCS has evolved from a controls house supporting the U.S. Postal Service, to developing our own conveyor line and providing fully integrated systems, and most recently, we have had great success with robotic system integration. The acquisition by Lummus will help us scale into larger projects in both the postal and e-commerce markets, as well as provide the capital to even further developments in robotics.”

Michelle Hikes Joins Lummus as Chief Financial Officer

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Lummus Corporation, the parent company of System Solutions of Kentucky (SSK) and Lummus, announced today that Michelle Hikes will join the company as Chief Financial Officer. Ms. Hikes, who will be based in Louisville, Kentucky, will focus on helping the company with its growth strategy, including mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, and risk management.

Michelle’s experience includes over 25 years in business and finance. She worked at UPS for close to 18 years, serving in a variety of leadership positions for the company, in both the air and ground operations. Most recently, Michelle was Chief Financial Officer at Tri-Arrows Aluminum, Inc.

Ms. Hikes is expected to begin her work focused on SSK, the company’s Louisville-based division responsible for designing, manufacturing and installing automatic and manual conveying and sorting equipment. This division is rapidly growing, with the addition of over 60 new employees since the start of the year. Discussing her new job and why she chose to come to Lummus, Michelle states: “I was drawn to Lummus because it is positioned strongly in two diverse markets – agribusiness and intralogistics, – the ambitious vision of our CEO and board of directors, as well as the financial strength of our shareholders and their ability to support the ambition. The growth opportunities are significant in both markets and frankly I am really excited about the opportunities in front of us.”

Lummus Corporation Plans Expansion That Will Create Significant Job Opportunities Across Georgia, Kentucky, and Texas

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Lummus Corporation, the parent company of System Solutions of Kentucky (SSK) and Lummus, is planning for significant growth and hiring in upcoming months. Widely known as a leading solution and equipment supplier to the intralogistics and cotton gin industries, the company also provides technical solutions to other segments, including those in food manufacturing and synthetic fiber processing.

SSK, the company’s Louisville-based division, designs, manufactures, and installs both automatic and manual conveying and sorting equipment. The equipment created by SSK is used in a wide variety of industries including letter, parcel, baggage, and cargo. In order to keep up with its high growth, the company recently hired 59 people during the first quarter of 2018, and in the weeks ahead SSK plans to create more than 50 additional jobs across all business areas with opportunities for second and third shift employment, project managers, engineers, business staff, and more. The company’s new Chief Executive Officer Ben Hinnen explains: “During a time of rapid growth, we’re very excited to offer many excellent career opportunities for a range of positions. Along with manufacturing jobs, we’re looking for business professionals and engineers interested in being a part of an exciting, fast-growing entrepreneurial environment.”

Additionally, the ginning equipment demand is at a 10-year high, requiring expansion of manufacturing resources at locations in Savannah, Georgia and Lubbock, Texas creating over 30 jobs. Lummus will add second and third shifts to their manufacturing schedule in Savannah and a second shift in both Lubbock and Louisville.

Lummus Corporation Names Ben Hinnen as New Chief Executive Officer

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lummus Corporation, the parent company of System Solution of Kentucky (SSK) and Lummus, announced today that Ben Hinnen is joining the company as CEO, effective March 1, 2018. Hinnen brings tremendous leadership experience to this position, having most recently served as CEO and President of Fives Intralogistics Corp., where he helped transform the company by achieving significant growth and creating sustainable operations.

In 2016, Lummus Corporation acquired System Solutions of Kentucky (SSK), a leading integrator of conveyor and sortation equipment for the postal, parcel, baggage, industrial, and cargo industries.

Lummus is recognized as the world leader in the supply of machinery and replacement parts for the cotton ginning industry. Lummus also manufactures and markets a limited line of equipment for the synthetic fiber industry. A separate division, Carver/Gump, provides processing equipment for the oilseed industry and separations products for the food industry.

Announcing the hire of Hinnen, Lummus Corporation’s chairman, Phil DiIorio, stated on behalf of the Lummus board, “Ben brings a wealth of experience leading diverse businesses, has an outstanding leadership reputation, an entrepreneurial mindset, and the passion to build great businesses, all of which are critical in the evolution and transformation of Lummus and its subsidiaries. Working with Ben, we will continue to drive significant and sustainable growth. Further, we are actively focusing on value-added acquisitions globally.”

Lummus Corporation Announces Acquisition of Systems Solutions of Kentucky

Staff Report from Savannah CEO

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Lummus Corporation announced the acquisition of Systems Solutions of Kentucky, a leading turnkey integrator of conveyer and sortation equipment for the letter, parcel, baggage, industrial and cargo related industries.

Founded in 2003, SSK has evolved into a versatile and recognized name in the industry and holds several patents on conveyor equipment. Lummus is the world’s leading supplier of machinery and replacement parts for the cotton ginning industry and will be able to provide SSK fabrication and financial support to address the increased demand of its customers for conveyer and sortation systems. SSK management will remain at the company based in Louisville, KY and work with the Lummus team to continue driving growth.

Lummus Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ISO Certificate
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Lummus Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Savannah, GA. (November 25, 2013) – Lummus Corporation announced today that SAI Global Canada Limited has registered the Company as ISO 9001:2015 Certified as of November 13, 2013. ISO certification designates Lummus Corporation as having implemented a quality management system in accordance with ISO Standard 9001:2015. The scope for the certification includes the design, manufacture, sales, and servicing of cotton ginning equipment. Certification registration number CERT-0068588

Since 1999 Lummus has established itself, under the leadership of Steve Marbut, CEO, as a highly respected manufacturing and service-oriented company focused on customer driven solutions. “This certification demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with the best products and services that outperform our competition,” said Mr. Marbut, “and we strive to continue our leadership in the industry through innovation and by enhancing the world-class quality and breadth of product offerings and service capabilities. We will ensure that we are there for our customers in the future by maintaining our financial strength and by providing challenging and exciting career opportunities
for our associates.”

About ISO 9000
ISO 9000 originated in Europe in response to the growing need for a set of standardized guidelines for quality management and quality assurance. It has been adopted in over 90 countries and is applicable to a wide scope of industries. Its certification is used as a means to identify companies that focus and commit to ensuring the best possible products and services for their customers. This certification is achieved only through a series of rigorous registration audits followed by regular external surveillance audits conducted by certified ISO auditors.