Franklin Hadley Lummus formed the New York Cotton Gin Co. in 1863. Primarily a sales organization, it joined in 1867 with the Brown Cotton Gin Co. (New London, Connecticut) and W.G. Clemons, Brown, & Co. of 82 John Street in New York City. In 1871, the consortium was dissolved, and Franklin H. Lummus purchased the failed W.G. Clemons, Brown, & Co., creating the foundation of the present Lummus organization.


Franklin’s two sons, E. Frank and Louis E., soon joined the operation, and it became F.H. Lummus & Sons. After the founder’s passing, the company was incorporated by his widow and sons as F.H. Lummus Sons Co. By 1898, the company had outgrown its limited facilities in Juniper, Georgia, and relocated to Columbus, Georgia. In 1910, the acquisition of the Dallas-based Air Blast Gin Co., plus an aggressive sales program, created the need for additional production facilities, and shares were sold to several prominent local businessmen. The expanded organization was renamed Lummus Cotton Gin Co., the name under which it successfully did business for some sixty years.
In the early 1920’s, Lummus entered the textile machinery market with the popular down-packing baler. This line soon expanded to include openers, cleaners, and blenders. At about the same time Lummus also began to serve the newborn man-made fiber industry. Lummus was among the first to realize that synthetic fibers demanded the use of specialized equipment to suit the fiber’s individual characteristics—it was not simply a case of modifying the conventional natural fiber systems, but of creating new methods of handling new fibers. Lummus baler and cutters became industry standards.

In 1969, the adoption of the broader title of Lummus Industries, Inc., adequately reflected the company’s association with the textile and man-made fiber products, in addition to its core commitment to the cotton ginning industry.

In 1993, Lummus Corporation was born from the purchase of specific assets of Lummus Industries, Inc. by our current ownership, and this has provided the financial resources and backing necessary to keep us in an unequalled position of strength to serve our customers around the world.


Since the early years, Lummus has driven technology advancement in the industry. In 1880 Franklin H. Lummus was awarded the company’s first patent. Since then, the company has been known for ingenuity of design that has been reflected by over one hundred fifty U.S. patents, plus foreign equivalents. The Company has successfully utilized innovative engineering, improved designs, customer feedback, and the expertise of many employees experienced in the gin and textile machinery fields, to produce the advanced machines and systems needed by its customers the world over. Having achieved an enviable range of “firsts,” Lummus continues to earn a reputation for innovation.

Lummus invented high-capacity ginning. This evolved after exhaustive ultra-slow-motion photographic tests made during actual ginning trials. From this laboratory work, the Super 88-Saw Gin was developed, which began in 1958 to revolutionize an ailing ginning industry. Since then, Lummus has marketed Imperial saw gins in various models and sizes. The current Lummus design is the Imperial III, available in both 170-Saw and 116-Saw sizes, while the Consolidated “Built Tough” high-capacity saw gins come in 126-Saw, 184-Saw, and 222-Saw sizes.

High-capacity ginning required high-capacity baling, which led to the development of the Dor-Les® series of presses. Currently offered to the ginning industry are the Premier™ III Dor-Les® Universal Density and High-Density Dor-Les® up-packing Presses and the Lift-Box Dor-Les® down-packing Press (available in both Universal and High Density models). Up-packing and down-packing Auto-Wrap Dor-Les® Balers are offered to the man-made fiber industry, and the Lift-Box Dor-Les® Baler is marketed to both the man-made fiber and textile industries.

Thus, from a small four-acre lot and a one-building administrative/manufacturing facility, Lummus has expanded to become the world leader, with sales offices and parts warehouses across the cotton belt. It is now serving a variety of markets throughout the world, but it is still close to its roots in cotton-growing soil.

Serving the New Global Industry

Continued commitment of Lummus to its core business has been demonstrated in recent years by the addition in 2002 to the Lummus family of the former Belt-Wide Industries, Inc. branches in Lubbock and Harlingen, Texas and Memphis, Tennessee, as well as the business and products of Consolidated Cotton Gin Co., Inc. of Lubbock, Texas in 2006. Belt-Wide and Consolidated have contributed in a big way to the breadth of our product offerings, solidifying our position as the premier suppliers of equipment and spare parts to the cotton ginning industry.

In 1999, Lummus began a new era when it relocated its headquarters and major manufacturing operation from Columbus to Savannah, Georgia. This location, while being adjacent to the cotton growing areas of the Southeast USA, also provided proximity to a port for its burgeoning export business. With this move, the company began rethinking every aspect of its organization in order to serve the needs of its customers more efficiently and on a global basis. In 2011, we achieved the capstone of this improvement effort with relocation of our plant and headquarters to a more appropriately sized, more efficient, and lower cost facility at 225 Bourne Boulevard in Savannah.

In 2012, Lummus began construction of a new state-of-the-art facility in Lubbock Texas. Slated to open in mid-2013, this facility will, in addition to accommodating our existing sales and service operations in the Lubbock area, also house an expansion of our parts manufacturing capacity.